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Starting School

Our guide to starting school

Getting Started at Hillsborough School

We understand that starting school can be a new and anxious time for some families and students.  To help make this a fun and enjoyable experience, we have a few tips to help make this special event go smoothly.  

Below is a link with words of wisdom from parents in our school who have recently made this transition into school life, and also there is a link with tips from teachers.

Ideas from Families

Tips for the classroom visit

Tips for a successful first day

Tips for surviving the first few weeks

Tips for lunchboxes, uniforms, schoolbags

Tips from teachers

School Visits

After enrolling your child, you will receive a letter welcoming you, and advising you of school visit dates.  Class visits are a great opportunity for your child to become familiar with the teachers in the junior school and to experience what it is like to be a school kid. 

Below is a link with our visit dates for the year.  We recommend attending 2 consecutive days and ask that you book these in by phoning the school office.

Pre-Entry Parent Meeting

We hold a meeting for families with new entrant children starting school, twice a term. This is a chance to ask questions about starting school, to share information with us and to hear about the programmes in the classroom.  Dates for these meetings will be included in your welcome letter, after we receive your child's enrolment.