Hillsborough Primary School

School of First Choice in the Hillsborough Community

School Zone

Below is a map showing our school zone. If you are unsure as to whether your address falls within this zone, please contact the school office. Starting at the corner of Hillsborough Road and Richardson Road, taking a line along and including Eaton Road, Olsen Road, Littlejohn Road, Melrose Road East, and Hayr Road to the corner of Carr Road. Along Carr Road, Herd Road and onto Queenstown Road. Include Bel Air Drive. Then along and including Beachcroft Ave to the corner of Arthur Street. Then take a direct line to the foreshore of the Manukau harbour, then around the foreshore to the land between Clifton Road and Aldersgate Road, then a line back to the corner of Hillsborough Road and Richardson Road (including addresses in Clifton Road and streets off it, but not including Aldersgate Road. Addresses on Richardson Road are not included.