Hillsborough Primary School

School of First Choice in the Hillsborough Community

Our Staff

Hillsborough Primary School has an extremely passionate and professional teaching staff, backed up by a great support team.

Senior Management

Mr Mark Lewington 
[email protected]

Deputy Principal:
Mrs Kara Hodgson
[email protected]

Syndicate Leaders

Koru Syndicate Leader
Mrs Greta Ashton, Year 1 - Room 11
[email protected]

Kauri Syndicate Leader:

Miss Joy Paton, Year 5/6 - Room 3
[email protected]

Rata Syndicate Leader:
Mrs Jenny Elston Year 3/4 - Room 16
[email protected]

Classroom Teachers

Mrs Tawnee Sowman
Year 5/6 - Room 1 
[email protected]

Mrs Sarah Baxter
Year 5/6 - Room 2
[email protected]borough.school.nz

Mrs Bridget Bryant
Year 5/6 - Room 4 
[email protected]

Miss Jewels Kim
Year 5/6 - Room 5

[email protected]

Miss Sarah Quadros

Year 1/2 - Room 6

[email protected]

Mrs Abby Dunne

Year 2 - Room 7

[email protected]

Mrs Coralie McIntyre-Robinson

Year 2 - Room 8
[email protected]

Mrs Gita Sukha
Year 1 - Room 9
[email protected]

Mrs E Schwartz
Year 0/1 - Room 10
[email protected]

Mrs Julie Lattimer
Year 0/1 - Room 12
[email protected]

Miss Claire Steele
Year 3/4 - Room 15 
[email protected]

Mrs Patricia Carlyle
Year 3/4 - Room 14

[email protected]

Mrs Carrie Leong
Year 3/4 - Room 18 
[email protected]

Mrs Celina Baker
Year 3/4 - Room 17

[email protected] 

Release Teachers

Mrs Gafa Maiava, Classroom Release Teacher

Mrs Mary Melville, Classroom Release Teacher

Support Staff

Thelma Cooper, Office Administrator
[email protected]

Mrs Natalie McLauchlan, Receptionist
[email protected]

Diana Youngson, Finance Officer
[email protected]

Mrs Carole Green, Property Manager

Mrs Wendy Ellis, Teacher's Aide

Mrs Deb Thomas, Teacher's Aide

Mrs Kylee Pihema, Teacher's Aide

Mrs Carla Vossen-Chong, Teacher's Aide

Mrs Lyn Allan, Librarian

Mrs Megan Cooley, Librarian