Hillsborough Primary School

Grow Learners and Develop Citizens.

Our Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of our school, working on behalf of all stakeholders.

What does the Board of Trustees do?

The Board’s key responsibilities include: 

  • Establishing and reviewing the School Charter 
  • Setting goals and policies for the school and monitoring the performance of the school against those goals and policies. 
  • Appointing and supporting the principal of the school. 
  • Ratifying the appointment of all staff. 
  • Ensuring that the school operates as a good employer. 
  • Ensuring that there is good communication between the school and its community. 
  • Reviewing and managing the assets of the school, such as it buildings and finance.

A copy of the school charter and minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings are available at the office on request.

Members of the Board 

  • Mr Mark Lewington PRINCIPAL
  • Mrs Belinda Marshall SECRETARY
  • Mr Garth Phelps PROPERTY
  • Mrs Julia Wong FINANCE
  • Mrs Elizabeth Ryan COMMUNITY
  • Mrs Patricia Carlyle STAFF REPRESENTATIVE

How are the Board of Trustees chosen?

An election is held every three years, in which families can vote for the parent trustees. The BOT always has at least one staff representative, along with the principal.